Friday, June 26, 2009

God's Country

Just got back into town from Whistler, British Columbia - worked on a wonderful project for a pharmaceutical client with an agency out of New York. Was stoked when I heard that one of my favorite art buyers would be joining us on the shoot. Good times guaranteed!
It was one of those jobs where everything went just right. I felt extremely fortunate to be a part of such a cool assignment... especially this year, with the workflow slowing down for everyone in the biz. The shot turned out beautiful and the client loved it. Always a good combo.
It's scheduled to be a part of a major media buy and I'm looking forward to seeing it sometime before the end of the year.
A big thank you to Rich Cardinali and Dolores Marcoux for having me be a part of their work at JWT/NY. Also a big thanks to Adam Silver, Pat Blewett and Jesse Loutit for making sure things went smooth as usual. It was one to remember...

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