Friday, April 3, 2009

I Know Jack

I've always been a fan of the Jack-In-The Box ads, so needless to say it was a big thrill to work on the Mini Sirloin Burger campaign with their lead agency, Secret Weapon.
Found out some of the skinny on Jack too... for instance, did you know that he has a camera built into the tip of his nose?
Neither did I.
That's how he manages to walk around a set without crashing into cameras & stepping on cattle. There is a small video monitor inside of the head which acts as a set of eyes for the guy lucky enough to have the head strapped onto his. And I mean completely strapped on - so the person's head & "Jack's" head move in total synch. Aside from using a sledge, there is no way the person acting as Jack could get that thing off without the help of the prop handlers. When we wrapped the shoot & the head was removed, the poor guy inside was completely drenched with sweat. Can you say claustrophobic?
I wouldn't want that job... thanks anyhow.

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