Saturday, February 20, 2010

It's Going To Cost How Much ? ?

So I was hired by an ad agency in New York recently... to create a couple of images for an upcoming print campaign. A great way to start the year!
One of the images they needed was of a roller coaster (it was one of those "as per layout" assignments). We contacted Six Flags in California and found out that it would cost two arms + a leg to make the photograph... non-negotiable (I thought Six Flags was going broke - what's the deal). Well, there wasn't much to do other than break the news to the agency. Didn't seem to bother them too much so we pressed on. We rounded up a slew of extras to fill up the roller coaster (i.e. brother, nieces & their starving college buddies), loaded them up with ginger ale & Dramamine prior to boarding...
& then let 'er rip!
After capturing the image with two different cameras/angles during differing moments of early morning light, we called it a wrap.
I was hoping to capture some of the passengers with their arms raised, but the contraption that held them in their seat prevented that from happening.
Turned out nice & I'm looking forward to seeing the campaign in print (a huge media buy).
It was a real pleasure to finally meet the art buyer from the agency - had a couple of nice dinners together & I'm looking forward to crossing paths again. Thanks for the call Rich!

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