Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wild Thing

We are in the thick of it here.

Those of you with kids know what I'm talking about when I mention the words little league. My wife and I are no different in that both of our boys have managed to fill-in the blanks of our calendar with baseball.

Anyhow, I definitely wanted to share a moment that happened the other day when I was watching my boy Sam through the lens.

His team was getting clobbered by the best team in the league when he was called onto the mound.

Here is how it all played out...

As usual, he was throwing the heat & had a couple of strikeouts.
But after walking two in a row, things went south as he hit the next three batters - all nice shots to the ribs too. My dad eloquently stated from the bleachers, "Well... that's one way to beat this team, we'll just kill them off one by one."  Nice.

The kid on deck looked like he was about to walk thru the gates of hell - but was spared the trip when they yanked Sam back into the dugout. They put a fork in him.

Obviously, Sam was pretty rattled by the whole ordeal and it didn't help the situation in having an umpire that was cross-eyed & blind.

I told him that it was alright if you hit a batter - but don't ever do it on purpose. He said "I didn't dad."  Of course, we all knew he didn't and I told him so.
I also told him that all of his pitches were spectacular... all but three.

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