Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Very Big Deal

"You have to love dancing to stick to it.  It gives you nothing back. There are no manuscripts to store away,
no paintings to show on walls... ,  nothing but that single fleeting moment when you feel alive."

- Merce Cunningham

We have a ballerina living in our home.
She's creeping up on fourteen and is madly in love with dance.
To her, dancing isn't something that can be explained, it has to be... danced!
Truth be told, no explanation is needed because when you watch her onstage, it is absolutely beautiful.

We are truly blessed to have a daughter who is passionate about something so early in her life.
My wife use to tell me that the baby inside of her hadn't stopped dancing for months and that we're probably going to be having a dancer in our family.
I guess it was inevitable.

"For a ballerina, the pointe shoe is more than just a tool of the trade.  It's more than a tradition and it's more than a costume. It's an extension of her body, intimately related to her profession and her art.
It's the essential tool that makes her dancing possible"

- Gaynor Minden Pointe Shoes

Advancing to pointe is a significant event in the life of a young ballerina - which was unbeknownst to me.  Recently, one of my clients was asking about my daughter and how her dance was going.  When I casually mentioned something about her advancing to pointe... her eyes grew big and she told me straight up -
"I remember when I received my first pair of pointe shoes, Eric - that was a very big deal!"

She went on and on about her experience with dance 30+ years ago and I could only smile as it was obvious that she was once a passionate dancer as well.

I'm guessing that she tracked down her old pointe shoes when she returned home.
And if she did that, then she most certainly retraced the steps of a past recital too.

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