Thursday, November 8, 2012

That's Gonna Hurt

Three Advertising and Children's Healthcare of Atlanta asked me to photograph some more of their ads - thrilled to work with them again!

The five ads we shot have been well received and CHOA wanted to put together some more.

The brief was straightforward... "capturing that moment before a kid gets injured doing what they do."
For obvious reasons, I wasn't able to actually photograph the moment prior to impact - so images were pieced together.
Knowing that there were design elements in the ads that required me to create compositions within a fairly tight space, I came to the shoot with a strong pre-visualization of how I would choreograph the athletes.

With the football and lacrosse imagery I photographed individual players, with some of them launching themselves from a small trampoline (not to worry, we had them land on a large safety pad!).

The cheerleading image came together real smooth.  We had a large trampoline delivered to the set and when we were ready to shoot, we turned our "flier" loose.  I shot images of her jumping... actually, falling would be more accurate.
And in no time at all, we found ourselves with more images than we knew what to do with.

Element one was a wrap.

Onward to the second element which involved some creative choreography.
Picture this... my assistant perched on a twelve foot ladder, throwing a heavy cushion to where I directed.
We made sure it had an awkward shape and with enough girth to make catching it difficult too.  I had him add a little spin for good measure and with that, we had these young ladies lunging to catch it as though it were one of their own.

It worked like a champ and the pieces all fell into place.