Sunday, August 24, 2008

Bonjour parlez-vous anglais?

Just finishing up a project that I shot in Paris.
I was hired by GSW-Worldwide to create the photographs in a European campaign for the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly. The product is called Humalog and it's something that many diabetics use everyday.
Anyhow, they needed pictures of "real looking" European patients holding cameras, maps, sitting at cafés... that sort of thing. They were looking for pretty straight forward imagery in a variety of settings that could double for various European regions (you won't find any shots of the Eiffel Tower as they wanted me to steer clear of anything identifiable).

I had the pleasure of working with Nico & Jérémie at Toolbox Productions - an awesome pair of attitudes & I will definitely call on them again when a project takes me overseas.

It was one of those jobs where you come home with a ton of great memories & some new friends too. That tends to happen in a location like this, especially when you are working with a terrific agency, client & crew (see below). A giant thank you is extended to Janet Oberg, Rod Smith, Michelle Snook, Marc Short & Catherine Johnson. I appreciate you having me be a part of your work!

One thing I miss already is driving through the streets of Paris like Jason Bourne... while listening to the Westside Rhymeslingers rendition of Changes. Crazy.

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