Saturday, November 1, 2008

Lost in Vermont

I recently spent a couple of extra days in Vermont after shooting a project in Stowe. On the first day I headed into Burlington to meet with a group of creatives at a slick agency & to share some of my work with them (had a great breakfast @ Penny Cluse Cafe). Anyhow, super nice people at the agency & fingers are crossed that I am able to collaborate with them down the road.

Later that afternoon I headed out of town - with no itinerary. Basically, I was just looking to get lost in Vermont.

So that's what I did.

For several years now I have been keeping my eyes open for a quaint baseball diamond... as I've had a particular image in my mind. Low and behold, I found it tucked away.

It's hard to explain the feeling I get after I photograph an image that has been pre-visualized for so long & it's an incredibly fulfilling feeling once it has been realized. Looking back, I wish like hell that I had a Canon 5D Mark II along for the ride as I would have loved to capture both the still image & the actual footage in HD. I have vivid memories of the surrounding sounds. I remember hearing the flow of a river on the other side of the trees - which was accompanied by the voices of two boys, a dog & the sound of the wind blowing thru the surrounding maples... all in perfect harmony.

There is so much about this picture that I like.

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